Van Voorhis Plumbing & Heating

We have just installed the gigantic suction furnace cleaner shown in the above picture already at work on one of its first jobs.  This machine takes all the dirt and soot out of your furnace pipes, both cold and hot air.  It also cleans the furnace thoroughly and the flue, giving you the utmost value from your heating dollar.  The machine is manned by a staff of specially trained furnace men who will take care of your job with a minimum amount of muss and bother to the living quarters of the house.

A.C. Buchanan sold his plumbing and heating business in 1939 to Clare Van Voorhis, who operated then in Campustown.  In 1949 Clare bought and extensively remodeled a building at 120 Kellogg to suit his plumbing business.  Fred and Bill Van Voorhis in 1943 opened a sheet metal, heating and air conditioning business at 107 East 2nd Street.  Later, in 1949, they joined Clare in the newly remodeled building at 120 Kellogg.  In 1963 Clare retired and sold to his son Robert.

Clare Van Voorhis, who heads the plumbing side of the business, came to Ames New Years' day in 1923.  He started his own business in 1939 and has been joined by other members of his family.  Mr. Van Voorhis, his brother, Stanley, and son, Robert, operate the plumbing side of Van Voorhis plumbing and heating.  Two brothers, William and Fred, own the sheet metal side of the business.

A specialty of the plumbing side of the company is the new all-steel Youngstown kitchens which come in modern pastel colors and conventional white.  This department of the company also features Rudd water heaters of all sizes; Youngstown and G.E. dishwashers; complete boiler and radiator service for homes and buildings, and plumbing fixtures by such names as Crane, Kohler, Briggs and American Radiator and Standard Sanitary.

The sheet metal side of the business has the exclusive agency in Ames for Lennox heating and air conditioning equipment.  They also feature Mitchell air conditioners in sizes to meet any home need.

The shop can handle any job connected with sheet metal.  In recent years, they have installed elevator and grain drying equipment all over the central west.