Ames Canning Company

The Ames Canning Factory was constructed starting in April, 1918.  It was located south of the tracks at the corner of Third Street and Bourne Avenue.  Parley Sheldon and Clyde Siverly were on the board of directors of the company which was originally owned by people from Des Moines.  During the first season forty to fifty loads of sweet corn a day were being delivered in horse drawn wagons.  It is related that seventy people were employed putting out 140 cans a minute.  One quarter of the production found its way to the troops in the US Army.  By 1930, production had reached 240 cans per minute in addition to tomatoes and potatoes.  The Ames Canning Factory goods were sold under the brand names of Iowana, Ames, Pride of Ames, Collegian, and Lulu Belle.  In 1948 the plant was sold to the Minnesota Valley Canning Company of Le Sueur.  Production continued through 1957 under the name of Green Giant.