Skeie Pontiac

Skeie Pontiac had been open for two years at 202 South Duff when they announced the "Big Chief" used car lot, One of the most modern used car lots in Iowa.  Striking changes in this block since 1951 include the lowered grade beyond the used car lot and the removal of the houses at 214 and 218 South Duff.


Pontiac Motor division of General Motors has named ‘the Skeie Motor company of Ames to the Better Dealer ‘Hall of Fame’ for outstanding dealer accomplishments.  The Skeie Motor company has represented Pontiac two years. The firm is headed by A.E. Skeie, general manager, and by L.J. (Jack) Sandvig, the sales manager who has played an important part in success of the firm.

The award was the 31st to be made in the Iowa-Nebraska zone  which includes part of South Dakota.  There are 212 dealers in that zone. The program by the Pontiac company originated in 1948.

With honors, Mr. Skeie has been presented a reproduction of the famous painting of Pontiac, Chief of the Ottawas and Indian Confederacy leader, for whom the car is named.  Mr. G.A. Wiggins, Manager of the Pontiac Omaha Zone, and Mr. Blaine L. Dorsett,  District Manager, made the formal presentation and lauded improvements, community service and accomplishments of Mr. Skeie.

His expansion to meet the needs of the community were praised during the dealership celebration attended by all employees.

“Pontiac’s Better Dealer program has been in effect for about two years now, with an aim to make Pontiac Dealers pre-eminent in the automotive field,” Mr. Wiggins said, “It is not enough that those admitted to the select group be as good as competition …the must be “ – better!  They must be better than they were before, a year ago, a month ago, or last week.  They must constantly improve and have progressive thinking. They must be capable of continuing healthy growth in order to earn and then keep the symbolic portrait, given for as long as the high standards are met.”

Under the Better Dealer program, each Pontiac Dealer is graded on improvement of his physical property; number of qualified, trained workmen; service facilities and adequate equipment, parts and accessories inventory, used car lot operations and advertising and public relations programs. Service to his community is vitally important.”

“Our dealers and their employees are the Pontiac Division’s only contact with the buying public.  The goodwill being enjoyed by us today and that we have tomorrow depends on their contacts of Better Dealers,” said Mr. Wiggins.

The firm’s facilities are considered among the finest and most modern in the state.  The building measures 6,250 square feet, and a 10,000 square foot used car lot.

“The showroom measures 1,250 square feet and the service department is completely equipped with latest mechanical aids.  It measures 4,250 square feet.  There are 2,876 square feet of customer parking area.  Parts inventory is considered adequate to serve the community’s need embracing more than 500 square feet. The entire operation is well signed and lighted in an attractive way.