Ames Tune-Up and Service

Ames Daily Tribune, May 12, 1950

Ames Daily Tribune, May 12, 1950

C.E. "Scoop" Small has opened his new "Ames Tune-Up Service," 513 East Lincoln Way.  Small, who has had 18 years experience in mechanical and automotive work will specialize in brake relining and adjusting work, and will carry a complete line of Phillips' petroleum products and Lee tires.  The latest Sun Electric Motor company testing equipment will be used on all makes of cars, which he will work with.

Small was born on a farm north of Marshalltown.  He worked as a mechanical maintenance man for the Marshall county highway department 11 years.  He then came to Ames, and for three years during the war, he was a diesel instructor for the Naval training program at Iowa State college.  Small then worked for Motor Sales and Service, where he was a mechanical superintendent for four years.  He was with the Sun Electric company sales service six months, and did instruction work with the company.

Small lives at 1004 Grand, is married and has three children, Shirley 14, Sharon, 12 and Dean, 3 years of age.

Ames Daily Tribune, November 1, 1955

NEWS FLASH - It was reported today that a surge of cold Canadian air will move across Iowa from the northwest and send readings below the freezing mark in almost all areas.

DOUBLE FLASH - Ames tune-up Service, "Scoop" Small, owner, reports that all car owners who want their cars tuned up for winter driving can get top service from this Ames garage.

Yes, folks, Ames Tune-Up has the mechanics and equipment to give your car a really top tune-up.  Servicemen at the garage are trained to check all the mechanics of your car, and do all necessary work connected with Brakes or Wheel Alignment.  The shop has the complete line of Sun test equipment to scientifically analyze your car.  This includes mechanical test for fuel pump vacuum, engine rpm, and efficiency of combustion of carburetor.  The electrical system is tested including checks on the battery, starter, coil and regulator and points.

But equipment and procedure don't tell the whole story, for it takes skilled hands to run machines effectively.  Bud Hill and Harold Marshall have a combined 18 years of experience in the auto mechanics field, having started in that line of work in 1946.  Speaking of them, Mr. Small said:  "These men are real top-notch mechanics who can handle the very toughest jobs in auto repair."

Mr. Small came to Ames in 1942 and was a diesel instructor for the Navy at Iowa State college.  After being employed as service manager for a local garage, he opened his Ames Tune-Up and Service in 1950.  All kinds of "Wheel Work" can be handled at Ames Tune-Up.  Brake work includes turning brake drums on a lathe, and going through the complete hydraulic brake system.  Expert wheel balancing is also offered at the shop.

There are many other specific jobs offered like grinding of cylinder heads, but the important thing to know is that Ames Tune-Up has the equipment and know-how to do the very best job for you.  When you take your car to Ames Tune-Up you can be sure that it is in the best of hands.