Nim's Sportsman's

Managed by Daryl Nims, Sportsman's came to Ames in March of 1951, succeeding Mickelson's Sports Shop (105 Welch).  Sportsman's, which has greatly increased its supply of goods since 1951 and has also enjoyed a rapid sales increase, has supplied sporting equipment for teams in such far-away places as Canada and South America.

Sports and athletics are year-around pleasures in this modern age; no longer are they reserved for the mighty few.  To better supply this all-around need in the Ames territory, Nims' Sportsman's of Ames has opened a completely new and modern store at 225 Main, and with it, have expanded their selection of sporting goods.  The new store carries a complete line of camping hunting and fishing equipment.  In its expanded camping department, Nims' Sportsman's carries a full line of tents, cots, air mattresses, sleeping bags, Coleman stoves and lanterns, Kamp Kold portable ice boxes and stoves along with picnic supplies and bar-b-ques.

Nims' Sportsman's has a vast stock of rods, reels, lures for the fisherman as well as accessory items and camping equipment.  This year they will stock boats and Mercury motors for anglers who have ideas of real river or lake fishing.  Golf becomes more popular each year for both men and women.  Nims' Sportsman's has complete golfing sets made by the famous MacGregor company, along with golf sundries like bags - scotch and plaid - and caddy cars and balls.

Sportsman's camping department sold more tents last year than any sporting goods store in the state.  Sportsman's handles two lines of trophies for all occasions from the Dodge and Noble companies.  The shop has an expert and quick engraving service for trophy inscriptions, also.  Athletic goods, including uniforms, are supplied for baseball, basketball, football, track and wrestling besides physical education equipment and trophies.  Sportsman's also has a uniform letter service to provide all types of lettering of sports garments.  The local service cuts two to three weeks off the delivery time of uniforms than if they were lettered at the factory.

There is fun for the whole family at Sportsman's of Ames, whether they are athletically inclined or not.  The new two level store features a toy department for the kiddies in the basement, and yard games on the main floor for those who like their sport near home.  These games include badminton, croquet and tether ball.  Nims' Sportsman's of Ames has been called the most complete sports store in Central Iowa.  Seven persons are regularly employed by the store, two of which travel to schools and semi-pro teams throughout the state.  Nims' Sportsman's sells uniforms, play equipment, trophies and other team supplies from Minnesota to Missouri and from the Mississippi to the Missouri rivers.

Daryl Nims is president of the firm.  Others employed there are Harold Nims, Dean Nims, Fred Earl, John Edwards and Gertrude Ward, bookkeeper.

At the time of this article, Nims' Sportsman's had just moved from 128 Main Street.  Pete Bush and Paul Brocksmith were employed there, with Mrs. Betty Peterson as credit manager.

Nims' later also operated their Annex at 411 Kellogg, to handle bicycle, marine, and scooter sales.