Brintnall's Standard Service

Located at the corner of Fifth and Burnett, this station has been owned and operated by N.J. “Sandy” Brintnall for the past 28 years.  Besides the famous Standard Oil products, Delco and Exide batteries and Atlas tires are offered.

Brintnall's Standard Service station has now been in its present location since 1926, a period of 28 years, and is now engaged in the spring servicing of all makes of cars.  N.S. "Sandy" Brintnall, a pioneer in the service station business in Ames, owns and operates the station.

Brintnall's features a complete lubrication service, using nothing but the finest lubricants, and carrying a complete stock of motor oils such as Permalube, Super Permalube, Pennzoil, Kendall, Quaker State and Royal Triton.  This station has handled nothing but Standard Oil products through the years it has been in business because "Sandy" believes Standard offers more in service and quality merchandise for his customers than any other oil company.

Brintnall's also is an authorized dealer for Exide and Delco batteries and offers dependable recharging and battery service.  Wheel balancing and brake service is another feature of the station and is handled by Harvey "Speck" Hanson who has been with the station for 10 years.  Customers of Brintnall's know that they can always depend on the best service from friendly Speck as well as good advice on their service problems.

atlas tires have been sold and serviced by Brintnall's ever since the tires were first put on the market years ago.  Sandy says that these top quality tires carry the best guarantee of any tire and offers service wherever a person may drive in the country.