Tip Top Sandwich Shop

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones promise good food and fast service Saturday as they celebrate the grand opening of the Tip-Top Sandwich Shop just east of Duff on Lincoln Way.

Tip Top Restaurant, 201 E. Lincoln Way, offers fine food whenever you want it.  the restaurant operates on a 24-hour basis except on closing day, Monday.  No matter when you visit Tip Top, you'll find lots of parking space on the large lot surrounding it.  Bob Jones, owner, believes in building out in the "wide open spaces" where customers will have plenty of room to park.  There are several drive-ways around the lot, making it possible for cars to get in and out easily.

But even though the Tip Top has plenty of space around it, the restaurant is conveniently located close to town, at the intersection of Southbound Highway 69 with U.S. Highway 30 - it's real handy for "carry-out" orders when you're traveling.

You'll like Tip Top as soon as you step inside the door.  Air conditioning has been installed for the comfort of summer visitors.  But, of course, the real treat comes with an order of the delicious food served at Tip Top.  the restaurant features all kinds of sandwiches and short orders, plus a complete menu of steaks, chicken, chops and ribs.  Milkshakes and sundaes are available to complement your meal.

Tip Top restaurant will accommodate 56 at one time.  There is fast counter service at one end of the restaurant, and booths in the remaining portion for those who prefer them.

With the restaurant open on a 24-hour basis, Jr. Jones has to maintain a staff of 14 persons, including 2 cooks, (in addition to Mr. Jones) and 10 waitresses.  Mr. and Mrs. (Helen) Jones live in the large house just east of the Tip Top.  He has lived in Story County most of his life, and has been in the restaurant business for 12 years.  After building Tip Top primarily as a counter service in 1949, he added booths to the restaurant three years ago.

Bob Jones, owner of the Tip Top, is shown working in the kitchen.  The restaurant offers short orders and a complete menu of steaks, chicken, chops and ribs.  The next time you want to eat where there's a wide selection of good food, plenty of parking space and excellent service, try Tip Top Restaurant.  It's the place you're looking for.