Frangos Restaurant

Frangos Restaurant at 210 Main Street was established in 1941 by Peter Frangos, a Greek immigrant who came to America in 1907.  Before coming to Ames, he operated restaurants in Council Bluffs, Eagle Grove and Fort Dodge.  In 1941, Peter bought out his partner in the Dairy Lunch and gave it the name, Frangos Restaurant.  The entire family worked together to provide a varied menu that especially featured “choice steaks and chops.”  Pictured from left are Carl Tadpole Pappadolos, Mary Frangos, Angelo Frangos, Martin Spiget Pappadolos and Steve Frangos.

Ames Daily Tribune, October 21, 1954

Frangos Restaurant, 210 Main Street, has served hungry Central Iowa residents for almost 13 years, giving customers the largest variety of foods on any menu in Ames.  The restaurant was established here in 1941 by Peter Frangos, who has been in the restaurant business since 1909.  Arriving in New York City in 1907 from Messinia, Greece, Frangos started his restaurant experience in Omaha when he moved west from Lowell, Mass.  In 1912 he came to Iowa.

He married Helen Manos in 1916 at Mason city, and she worked with her husband in the restaurant business until she passed away Oct. 24, 1953.  Frangos first restaurant was in Eagle Grove where children Christ, Steve, Angelo and Mary were born.  He later owned a restaurant at Fort Dodge, where the youngest daughter, Pauline, was born.

In 1934 the Frangos family moved to Ames and started the business in the present location at 210 Main street in the fall of 1941.  Frangos is a family restaurant with all the sons and daughters working with their father to bring residents of Central Iowa a complete selection of dinners and lunches.

All three sons have served their country in the Army, and Christ, who was with the field artillery in Hawaii at the time Pearl Harbor was bombed, was killed at Leyte in the Philippines on Nov. 17, 1944.  One of the family's proudest possessions is Christ's Silver Star which was awarded for his bravery in battle for his country.

Frangos restaurant was completely remodeled in 1949 and has the most up-to-date equipment for serving its customers.  The restaurant is also air conditioned.  With a seating capacity of 84, Frangos is able to give customers the best in quick, efficient service to eliminate waiting for meals even during rush hours.

The restaurant's great variety of foods on the menu include steaks - Frangos' specialty - chops, sea foods and Italian foods as well as home made pies and ice cream.  The restaurant also has the most complete fountain service.

Frangos restaurant, a family business which is dedicated to bringing service to the other families of Central Iowa, prepares the finest in foods.  The restaurant is backed by Peter Frangos' 47 years of experience in serving hungry people and is proud of its reputation in the Ames area for giving the people the best in foods in a pleasant atmosphere.


Frangos restaurant has served Central Iowa families for almost 13 years at the present location at 210 Main.  the restaurant is a family business with all of the sons and daughters helping their father, Peter, who has 47 years of experience in the restaurant business.  In the picture, left to right, is Pauline, Peter Frangos, Mary and Steve.  Another son, Angelo, who attends Iowa State college, was not present for the picture.  Mrs. Frangos, who helped her husband in his business, passed away in 1953.  Another son, Christ, was killed in World War II.

Frangos Restaurant lasted about 40 years. View Frangos family photos and more menus.