About Ames Iowa

In this section, considered the crux of our website, we present images and narratives about city government, schools, businesses, organizations, residents, streets, transportation, celebrations and events.  Until we can obtain a permanent museum with adequate physical space, you can learn much about Ames history here.  Photos and descriptive texts are being added weekly. 

Our mission is to identify, record, collect, preserve, and provide access to evidence of the history of Ames and its immediate vicinity from pre-settlement times to the present.  Your family, business or organization probably has a history worthy of preserving.  This is your opportunity to share that legacy.  If you have historical material relating to the above topics that you think would enhance an appreciation of the character of Ames, contact us.  Artifacts and archival material may be donated or loaned for digital photographing or scanning.  Personal recollections and oral history may also be submitted.