WWII Veterans Database

When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941, the United States was drawn into the second World War. Over the next four years this event touched nearly every family in the country. Patriotism ran high, and men and women joined or were drafted into military service in great numbers.

This resource is a listing of nearly 5,300 individuals from Iowa's Story County who stepped forward to fight for freedom. Thanks to local volunteers and a State of Iowa grant from the Historical Resource Development Program (HRDP), four different sources were combined to provide this information. It is hoped that sharing this material will allow the sacrifices of these brave men, women and their families to be remembered.

Learn more about this two-year project that involved over 650 hours of volunteer time. Note: Ames Historical Society welcomes additions.

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H. C. Cantonwine
Richard E. Carberry
Thomas Patrick Carberry
Maxine Carey
De Vere Carey
Dean R. Carey
Alice Carey
Beryl Woodrow Carlan
William Arthur Carleton
Marvin Carlson
Earl Carlson
John I. Carlson
Donald William Carlson
Jerrol M. Carlson
Eugene F. Carlson
Ray Edgar Carlson
Ed Carlson
Francis Edward Carmody
Clayton M. Carmody
Carroll Edward Carmody
John J. Carmody
Jack Wilfred Carney
Dene A. Carney
George William Carpenter
Dwight Gregory Carpenter
John Morton Carpenter
Harold A. Carpenter
James W. Carr
Henry LeRoy Carr
Galen J. Carr
Russell Carr
Peter K. Carrel
A. Proffitt Carrington
Peter Carroll
William Carroll
Thomas Carroll
Vinton Irwin Carrothers
Howard Harold Carson
Herschel H. Carter
William J. Carter
Howard Gale Carter
Merwin Carty
Arthur Edward Carty
Robert J. Caruth
Floyd LaVerne Carver
Theron Harold Case
Robert Lynn Case
Bernard L. Case
Orville Casebolt
James Harrison Casperson
Francis Cassady
Donald L. Cassady
William Cassel
Dale Cassel
Carrell Castner
Don L. Caswell
Harold D. Catron
James Lee Catron
William Loren Cerka
Owen Cone Cerka
Elmer Theodore Cerka
Marion Cessna
Shelby A. Chader
Merle B. Chader
Fred Edward Chadwick
Charles Chadwick
John Hoyt Chalaud
William George Challas
Robert Glenn Chamberlain
Carlton Albert Chamberlain
Phillip Myers Chamberlain, Jr.
Lawrence Clark Chambers
Robert E. Champlin
Charles K. Champlin, Jr.
Albert Louis Champlin, Jr.
Vernon Delos Chance
Robert Wayne Chance
Merle Artelle Chance
Keith B. Chandler
Donald L. Chapman
Clayton Chappell
Lyle Marion Charlson
Jennings Lyle Charlson
Inez B. Miller Charlson
Vernon Talbert Arthur Charmichael
Jack Eugene Charvat
Robert C. Chase
Jack B. Chase
Francis C. Chase
Robert Porter Chelsvig
Harley Jennings Chelsvig
Clate W. Chenette
Premo Cheotte
Keith Row Cherryholmes
Loren Dow Cherryholmes
Lloyd Ray Cherryholmes
Larry D. Chesling
William Wesley Chilcote
Robert Bennett Child
Jack I. Childers