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When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941, the United States was drawn into the second World War. Over the next four years this event touched nearly every family in the country. Patriotism ran high, and men and women joined or were drafted into military service in great numbers.

This resource is a listing of nearly 5,300 individuals from Iowa's Story County who stepped forward to fight for freedom. Thanks to local volunteers and a State of Iowa grant from the Historical Resource Development Program (HRDP), four different sources were combined to provide this information. It is hoped that sharing this material will allow the sacrifices of these brave men, women and their families to be remembered.

Learn more about this two-year project that involved over 650 hours of volunteer time. Note: Ames Historical Society welcomes additions.

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Robert Buhrows
Verne M Buland
Robert Hugh Bullard
Harold Ward Bullard
Howard Bullock
Leland Francis Bunge
Robert M. Bungum
Milford Bunnell
Harold J. Burdick
Charles William Burdick
William Henry Burdick
Clarence B. Burdick, Jr.
Vern Burg
Ida E. Burgoon
Grace Burgoon
Kenneth Burgoon
Marlowe Parklin Burgy
Edward T. Burk
Paul W. Burke
John J. Burkhart
Kenneth O. Burkheimer
William Hollis Burkitt
Virgil Tipton Burley
Marvin Harold Burley
Benjamin Harrison Burma
Kenneth H. Burnett
Howard Burnett
Claire Healy Burnham
Dale Vernon Burns
Walter Ernest Burns
Kenneth P. Burns
Jamick Burns
Harry Glenn Burrell
Leonard Calvin Burrell
Jack Burrell
Marguerite Burroughs
Richard E. Burton
Beryl David Burton
Dwight L. Busby
Richard W. Busching
James Schultz Busching
Joseph Bush
John Earl Bush
Earl Peter Van Buskirk
Louie Ishmael Butler
Glen R. Butler
Ellis Hattery Butler
William Howard Butler
Charles Leroy Butler
Maurice D. Butler
Wallace J. Butson
Loren Dwight Buttolph
Doyle D. Buttolph
Wayne Robert Buttry
Russell Kenneth Buttry
Donald Lou Buxon
John Andrew Bye
Francis H. Byer
Wilbur Lee Byers
Delbert Maurice Byg
Darwin Andrew Byrd
George Thomas Byrne, Jr.
Raymond John Byrnes
Francis C. Byrnes, Jr.
Harold Cadd
Doris Cadman
Verle C. Cadman
Lyle W. Cadman
Lloyd Wayne Cadman
Newell Lewis Cadwell
Eugene Ray Cagwin
Jack W. Cain
Richard T. Caine
Alfred B. Caine, Jr.
Russell Paul Calame
C.J. Caldwell
Kenneth E. Caldwell
Winnie K. Calhoun
Charles Raymond Calhoun
Frank John Callahan
Myron Donald Caltvedt
John Caltvedt
A. E. Calvin
Richard Carlyle Campbell
Donald Culver Campbell
Ross Campbell
Mildred R. Campbell
Clyde Campbell
Robert Campbell
John Campbell
Robert Lloyd Campbell
Ernest Hall Campbell
Robert E. Campbell
Donald Eugene Campbell
Thomas Eckles Campbell
Robert Young Cannon
Clawson Y. Cannon, Jr.
H. C. Cantonwine
Donald Cantonwine
Russell Lee Cantonwine