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When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941, the United States was drawn into the second World War. Over the next four years this event touched nearly every family in the country. Patriotism ran high, and men and women joined or were drafted into military service in great numbers.

This resource is a listing of nearly 5,300 individuals from Iowa's Story County who stepped forward to fight for freedom. Thanks to local volunteers and a State of Iowa grant from the Historical Resource Development Program (HRDP), four different sources were combined to provide this information. It is hoped that sharing this material will allow the sacrifices of these brave men, women and their families to be remembered.

Learn more about this two-year project that involved over 650 hours of volunteer time. Note: Ames Historical Society welcomes additions.

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Roy E. Gaard
Arvid Henry Gaffin
Thomas P. Galbraith
Eugene James Gallagher
William E. Galligan
Jerry Edward Galligan
Alvin Galloway
George Francis Galloway
Joseph Galvin
Matthew Jerome Galvin
Paul A. Gammon
Frank Leslie Gammon
Earl K. Gammon
Harry Gandrup
Wallace B. Gandrup
Robert Jennings Gannon
Lawrence R. T. Ganshert
Arlys Gansteah
Philip Martin Ganung
John W. Garberson
Marion Gard
Willis H. Gardner
Ronald Gardner
Mila Louise Gardner
Marion Gardner
Lawrence Earl Gardner
Kenneth M. Gardner
James Ivin Gardner
David C. Garfield
George G. Garfield
Theodore G. Garfield, Jr.
Lawrence Garland
James Garland
Dean Garland
Robert (Bob) Noble Garlcok
Paul C. Garner
Jay Beverly Garrett
Lawrence J. Garrett
Neil Garrison
Gaylord Edward Gary
Arthur Ray Gates
Arthur C. Gathmann
George Gaunt
Donald B. Geer
Charles Genaux
Howard D. Genrich
Archie Raymond George
Lysle Elmer George
Paul George, Jr.
Philo D. Gerber
Lynn J. Gerdes
Glenn Rodney Gerhardt
Richard A. Gernes
Robert H. Gernes
Franklin Joseph Gerrish
C. J. Gerstenberger
Erneth M. Gertsen
Miller Boe Gertsen
Arneth Myron Gertson
Douglas Gertson
Orrin Geyman
Robert Ghrist
Edward T. Gibb
Charles G. Gibb
Allan B. Gibb, Jr.
William David Gibbons, Jr.
Lauren Richard Gibbs
Jerrold Gibbs
Gerald Gibbs
George L. Gibbs
Emmett Earl Gibbs
Gordon Lee Gibler
John Francis Gibney
Jack Prince Gibson
John Calvin Gibson
William Jack Gibson
Victor Bruce Giebelstein
William H. Giese
Claude William Gifford
Richard Joseph Gifford
Allen Arthur Gilchrist
Ralph Towns Gilchrist
Rex Blackman Gilchrist
Thomas Gildersleeve
Myron A. Gildersleeve
Joseph William Giles
Leroy William Gilis
Arthur Karr Gilkey
Herbert T. Gilkey
Walter E. Gill
John K. Gill
Charles Edward Gill
John Gillham
Donald Gillman
Francis Gillman
Fred Dale Gillogly, Jr.
Paul D. Gillpatrick
David Ward Gilman
Don Frazier Gilmore
Willard Max Gilreath