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A Note from Anita Wald-Tuttle

Anita Ohlson, Senior Portrait, 1945

July 13, '10

Dear People,

I get behind in my reading and things get buried.  I just finished an "archeological dig" of my coffee table and discovered your Winter, 2009 issue.

The article on the Story County World War II Collection grabbed me again.

In the early 40's Letha Davidson started a class - the Library Aide Training Course and Phyllis Thompson (Harris) and I were in that class.  (Phyllis is retired and back in Ames and up at Northcrest.)

My last year at AHS (1944-1945) I worked half-time at the library and my particular task was to take stacks of saved newspapers and clip out all the notices regarding service people and paste them in the scrapbooks (also recording them in a card file).  If these were extended stories I sometimes would

call the family involved for an update and make a note of that.

I later wondered whatever happened to those scrapbooks.  Now I know!

I'll be anxious to see them on the website as I know my memory will be jogged by some of the classmates who enlisted and didn't return.

Please use the enclosed small check for part of the $1300 match.

I thoroughly enjoy every issue of the newsletter.  You do a great job.

Almost forgot - I'll need to check out the book about the "Farmhouse" since I lived in it for my Home Management class in the late 40's at ISC ('47-'48).

Keep up the memory-jogging work!  It's so valuable!

Anita (Ohlsen) Wald-Tuttle

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