Welcome to Ames Sign

Tribune photo published February 25, 1952

The first of four "welcome to Ames" signs now stands on the east edge of Ames on Highway 30 -- a reminder to all that the people of Ames are interested in community promotion and that visitors will be extended every courtesy during stops, whether these stops be of minutes or years in duration.  The signs are one of the projects of the Ames Chamber of Commerce.  Three very similar signs are being erected west on Highway 30, and at the north and south entrance to the city on Highway 69.  The Armstrong Melon stand is seen behind the sign.  In the distance, the trees lining Skunk River are visible.

The 1952 welcome sign was located in the approximate location
of  Larson Collision sign at 2017 East Lincoln Way in 2008.

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This photo from October of 1954 shows a You'll Like Ames sign on the table and ISU photos on the wall.  Could this be an Ames Chamber of Commerce meeting?  Because the photo was not published, the purpose of the meeting is not known.  If you can help identify these men, please contact the Ames Historical Society.

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This photo from May of 1955 shows another Ames welcome sign.  The location is not known.  Morrie Mericle remembers that during the war years, the men in the Naval training program on campus didn't necessarily agree with the You'll like Ames, We do! statement shown on the Ames welcome signs.  Many came from urban areas and felt the small town couldn't offer the excitement they needed.

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This welcome sign was located on the west side of Highway 69 north of Ames in 1958.