New York Dry Goods Store

Photo from about 1880
The New York general merchandise store was located on the north side of Onondaga (later Main) Street.  Situated just east of the Kellogg Avenue corner, it opened in the 1870s and was owned by I. E. Hirsh, a native of New York state.  The names of the store and the street reflect the influence of early-day Ames pioneers who came from New York.
This diagram from 1896 shows the location of the New York Store.  The green rectangle shows where the wood frame Methodist Chapel would have been located at the time of the New York Store photos.  It was set back from Onondaga on the Kellogg corner (note the unusual spelling) and was replaced by the Opera House building (built by Professor J. L. Budd and Judge John L. Stevens) in 1891.
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This view of Onondaga Street facing east is from a stereoptican slide believed to be from about 1880.

September 21, 1877 advertisement in the Ames Intelligencer

Isaac E. Hirsh, owner of the New York Store.  The photo is from around 1870 or 1880.

July 26, 1878, issue of the Ames Intelligencer


There is talk among some of our citizens who are inclined toward shooting sports to organize a rifle club.  A trial of skill was made on the driving association grounds last Monday evening with the following results.  The first range was 200 yards "offhand," and the score as handed us gives Hirsh, 96 out of a possible 100; Frazee, 92; Barroll, 90; Bradley, 86; McLain, 85; Lambertson, 28.  The next match was at a range of 500 yards "on rest," resulting as follows: Bradley, 91 in a possible 100; Hirsh, 89; Barroll, 86; Frazee, 75; McLain, 65; Spence, 62; Lambertson, 58.

At the New York Store there is yet a big stock of clothing which will be sold very low.  Hirsh wants to make room for an immense stock of boots and shoes, and to do this, will offer his clothing stock at prime cost, for cash.  He will not handle clothing after this season.  (from the December 6, 1878 issue of the Ames Intelligencer)

Isaac E. Hirsh, 1911

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This 1949 photo shows the intersection of Kellogg and Main during a Veterans Day Parade.  The Smart & Thrifty store and McGuire's Pipe and Gift store are in the first floor of the Opera House building.  Rushing's Grocery, "Your Main Street Food Store" is seen at 229 Main, formerly the site of the New York Store.

The arrow indicates the 1912 brick building that replaced the wood frame New York Store at 229 Main Street.  Cafe Diem operates from this location today (2008).  The opera house building (labeled Stephen's Block in the 1896 diagram) is now occupied by Duck Worth Wearing and the Family Martial Arts Center.  The appearance has been updated to make it seem to be two separate buildings.