New Izaak Walton Officers

Tribune photo published January 17, 1951
Here are the officers and board members of the Izaak Walton league who are set for a big year here in 1951.  Left to right, front row: George Clark, president: Woodrow Buck, second vice president; Bert Vinsel, treasurer; Curly McNabb, board member; and Frank Smith, board member.  Left to right, back row, Lewis Van Der Wilt, secretary; Charles Sorenson, first vice president; Max Bailey, Con Wendell; and Morval Curry, board members; Jack Roberson, chairman of the small bore rifle range.  A sixth board member, Fred Klein, is not shown.

The biggest thing since television -- that's the Izaak Walton program for 1951.  With more than 400 enthusiastic working members, a soundly financed expansion program and the knowledge that conservation of the soils, woods, waters and wild life is not only basic and necessary but recreational as well.  The newly installed officers are looking ahead to a bigger and better year as the ever increasing activities of the club become broader in scope.

At last night's meeting in the bandshell, George Clark, Ames Attorney was installed as president for his second term.  Charles Sorenson and Woodrow Buck are the new vice presidents.  Lewis Van Der Wilt was installed as secretary and Bert Vinsel of Nevada as treasurer.  The board of directors consists of Curley McNabb, Max Bailey, Frank Smith, Norval Curry, Fred Klein and Con Wendell.

President Clark emphasized that although the officers are charged with the responsibility of operation the club, the committee chairmen and their assistants are really the working wheels of the group.  Clark named Dick Trump to head the Conservation committee with W.B. Durrell, George Hartman, Fred Klein and Jess Thornton as sub committee chairmen.  Largest group is the Club House and Grounds committee in charge of Frank Summers with Dick Raver, Woodrow Buck, Max Bailey, George Crouch, Jack Roberson, Charles Ray, Jr., Frank Smith, Sr., and Norwall Curry heading the sub-committees.  Legislative affairs of the club will be handled by Rex Gilchrist; Entertainment by Curley McNabb; Membership by Lewis Van Der Wilt; Publicity by Con Wendell and Finance by Charles Sorenson, Junior activities will be under the direction of William Singer.  A new committee, Pollution abatement, will be headed by Keith McNurlen and Lloyd Hedrick will continue to prepare the bulletins.  Each committee chairman will have the able help of from 2 to 25 capable assistants.

The Ikes are raring to get started again on the dam and lake project in the new Izaak Walton park.  Frank Summers reported that only a week of work is needed to complete the construction of the dam.  In the meantime, two wintertime projects are claiming the attention of the membership.  A report on the circle fix hunt is scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 21st.  More than a dozen farmers have offered to cooperate on this and future hunts.  Interested sportsmen are reminded to gather at the bandshell at 1 p.m. and cautioned to bring only shotguns and shells loaded with no larger than a No. 4 shot.

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Tribune photo published May 17, 1951
This is the view looking south at the dam site on the new Izaak Walton league recreational tract northeast of Ames.  The two small streams filling the dam both are flowing and the water level is gradually rising.  Major part of the 65 acres in the tract is off to the left.


Izaak Walton league members of this vicinity were urged today to come to the recreational area site northeast of Ames Sunday at 1 p.m. for some very important work.  Con Wendell, publicity chairman for the local Ike chapter, said that members were invited to bring their wives, children, and picnic lunches (and if possible some buck saws, rakes and shovels).

"The kids can have the run of those 65 acres while their parents help out in starting to build some fireplaces, plant grass, saw up some logs - we want to burn and so on," Wendell said. The construction work on the dam now is completed and there is about eight feet of water immediately behind the dam, Wendell added.  Next work will be to rip-rap the shores behind the dam and to seed the front of the dam to prevent washing.

The two small streams which feed the dam are running and water is collecting gradually.  Wendell said that there would be 13 or so tables for those bringing their lunches Sunday and there is plenty of drinking water from a good well.

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May 28, 1956 -- Spectators line the Izaak Walton Park lake side during the canoe tilting contest at Field Days Sunday afternoon.  Ike member Clarence McNabb estimated this morning that a crowd of over 2,000 persons attended the event Sunday.

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