College Creek Bridge

Postcard photo from 1914

A new campus entrance road with a bridge across College Creek was developed north from Welch Avenue in 1911.  This entrance to campus was sometimes referred to as Southgate.  The bridge was an important structure that boosted development in the area of Ames directly south of campus.  The postcard photo faces southeast towards the intersection of Lincoln Way and Stanton Avenue.  The barn at right is a portion of A.L. Champlin's livery operation between Welch and Stanton.  The Champlin family residence was set back from Welch Avenue with an address of 114 Welch.  The large apartment house next to the barn can be found on the 1920 Sanborn Insurance map below.  The brick Cranford Apartments would later be constructed in front of that rooming house.  The center of the three frame structures would later become the Episcopal Student Center.  Learn more about A.L. Champlin.

By city ordinance of April 23, 1914, Boone Street east of Sheldon Avenue (then known as Pike Street) was renamed Lincoln Way in recognition of it as a segment of the new transcontinental Lincoln Highway.  The name Lincoln Way was also applied to Pike Street north to what is now Oakland Street (known then as Ontario Street).  That portion of the highway was more generally referred to as Lincoln Way North.

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This 1920 Sanborn Insurance map portion shows the area visible in the background of the postcard image.  The 1911 Sanborn maps are not available for this area because there were so few structures at that time.

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This Sanborn Insurance map portion shows two decades of additional development. The pink color denotes brick structures.

This photo dating from before the bridge was constructed faces north towards Beardshear Hall and College Creek from a position on Lincoln Way (then known as Boone Street).  View more photos of the College Creek bridge and this area of Campustown.

Remnants of the old College Creek bridge survive today (2008).