Camp Fire Girls Sing Carols

Tribune photo published December 13, 1955


Camp Fire Girls of the A o wa ki ya group (seventh grade Welch school) are shown as they sing a Christmas carol accompanied by Mrs. Catherine Poage, the girls' "adopted grandmother" at 543 Forest Glen, Mrs. Poage's home.  The girls will have a Christmas party for her Dec. 19 and do such other favors and errands as they can.  It's part of a cooperative good will plan among the Ames Girl Scouts, Camp Fire Girls and the Golden Age Cooperative Board.  Shown with Mrs. Poage, 84, who is accompanist for singing by the Ames Golden Age club, are: At left, left to right, Alison Shepherd, Karen Fox, Joan Linder and Caroline Matterson; at right, in groups front to back, Marcia Heidel and Sara Groth (left), Audrea Foreman, Barbara Diehl and Sandra Mickelson (center) and Pat Sclarow and Ann Bartholomew.  Patti Hildebrand was present but was inadvertently omitted from the photo.  Mrs. H.H. Hildebrand is the girls' leader.  The girls made the candle holder on the piano as a gift for Mrs. Poage.  Other photos of Campfire Girls include Camp Fire Girls Band and Crawford School Girls with National Honor.

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Four Girl Scouts of troop 24 serve cookies to their "adopted grandfather," Harry Pitzer, 1515 Burnett, Saturday.  The girls are Helen Ann Yoho, Marcia Storby, Marcia Haggen and Diane Fiske.  The girls' leaders are Mrs. Earl Fiske and Mrs. James Yoho.  The Girl Scouts will have a party, run errands and do anything else the can to make "grandfather's" Christmas brighter.  Previously featured Girl Scout photos include Day Camp in Brookside Park and Girl Scouts at Skateland.