1952 Christmas Decorations

Unpublished Tribune photo from December 1952
This 1952 view of Main Street at Christmas was taken in front of Spurgeon’s, now Town Centre, looking east.  Businesses visible on the south side include J.C. Penney Company, H.L. Eveland Real Estate and Insurance, Kurtz Cafe, F.W. Woolworth, Cass's Beauty Shop, Engeldinger's Childrens Clothes, Moser Luggage, Tripplett Real Estate, Oslund Drug, Carr Hardware, Eschbach Music, and Ames Building & Loan.

With the advent of the 1952 Christmas season, Ames business firms again herald this traditional time with appropriate decorations at the main thoroughfares of the city and in their places of business.  It is another expression of the year-around good will that Ames business firms feel towards the visitors and residents of the Ames community.

You are cordially invited to take advantage of the complete stocks and extensive facilities available in Ames stores, in order that you may complete your Christmas shopping as easily and economically as possible.  Ames merchants also feel that they can be of further assistance by remaining open the evenings of December 13, 15, 17, 20 and 22.

Plan on making Ames the CENTER of your Christmas activities.  Enjoy the festive beauty of street and store holiday decorations.  Observe the true spirit of Christmas in Ames churches, and relax in its wide offering of recreational activities.


In its first appearance, The Ames Motette, a single group consisting of 22 mixed voices, will present a program Sunday at 3:30 p.m. over Radio Station KASI.  Organized and directed by H. Johann Eschbach, the group has been rehearsing for several weeks.  The program will include :

For Us a Son is Born, Bach,
featuring soloists Joseph Keller, Tom Rossing and Mrs. Carl Brown, with Percy Carr as pianist;

Gloria In Excelsis by Bach;

Beside the Cradle Here I Stand, by Bach;

The Carol of the Drum, a Czech carol,
arrangement by Katherine Davis;

and 17 Christmas carols, one stanza from each.

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Published Tribune photo from December 12, 1952

North side businesses include Montgomery Ward (not pictured), Younkers, Royal Cleaners, McDowell Insurance and Real Estate, Brown's Shoes, Optometrist Dr. Tallman, Dr. H.G. Buck (Dentist), Fromm Ladies Wear, Zale's Jewelers, Coe's Flowers, Hotel Barbers, Hotel Sheldon-Munn, and Berck's Clothers.



A literate cat composed the first letter to Santa Claus to be received by the Ames Daily Tribune for its "Dear Santa" department which will be a regular feature from now until Christmas.  The cat, Snipper by name, has only modest requests for himself, but actually is writing in behalf of his little owners, Marla and Karen Peterson, 1411 Crescent.

Snipper's letter:
Dear Santa Claus: I am a cat, 1½ years old.  I live at the Jondall residence at 1411 Crescent.  I'm not asking for much for myself - only a can of cat food.  But if you can, please try to bring some nice presents to my mistresses, Marla and Karen Peterson.  They take such good care of me.  I have been pretty sick a couple of times, and they have nursed me back to health.  I have a good warm place to sleep and all I want to eat.  I'm sending you a picture of myself to prove how well I'm being taken care of.  So until Christmas, I'll say Meow. (Signed) Snipper, the thankful cat.

Robert Larry White's letter came next:
Dear Santa Claus: My brother Stephen and I want an electric train for Christmas.  We would also like some little cars, games, and a big candy cane. (Signed) Robert Larry White, 387 Pammel Court.

A 5-year-old lassie, Janet Taylor, writes the man at the North Pole as follows:
Dear Santa: I am a little girl five years old.  I would like a doll with hair I can wash and comb and some clothes for her.  I am a real good girl.  Your friend. (Signed) Janet Taylor.