1964 or 1965 Whittier School Second Grade Class

This 1964 or 1965 photo of a second grade class at Whittier School
was supplied by former teacher Anita Beal, known then as Anita Moyer.

Can you help identify these students?

Mike Nostwich forwarded the following comments from his Facebook posting:

Peggy Byriel Wierson: I was so excited to see this picture - Its my second grade class ( so its really class of 76 )
Row 1 : Cherly Sorenson, Renee Barnhouse Kaysier, Paula Sharp, Denise Dennis-Van Marrel. Peggy Byrie-Wierson, ?, ? , Dave Grindeland, Phil Engan
R...ow 2: Sandy Morrison, Rhonda Nielson, (? Cindy William ), Deana Slater, Patty Meyers, Ricky Doizer, ? , ? , Chuck Harmison
Row 3: Rodger Sydnes, Sarah Mason, ? , David Cole, Miss Moyer, ? , Dennis Sweeney, (? Dennis Poffenburger), ? ,Todd Flemmer

Sarah Mason: I can add only a few things. In the first row next to Peggy is a boy whose last name I remember being Rodriguez. In the middle row, the boy next to Ricky Dozier was from Austrailia. I don't remember his name, but perhaps this will trigger someone else's memory. Also in the middle row is Cindy Williams (I believe she had an s on the end of her last name.) As far as I know, Peggy seems to have correctly identified everyone else.

Kevin Cook: Row 1, 3rd from the right is my brother-in-law Bruce Thomas. He is wearing the checkered shirt. He only went to Ames Schools until 3rd grade then moved to Gilbert. I am forwarding the picture to him and he may be able to name a few more.