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Dr. Jesse Dean Cline pictured in front of his veterinary office in York, Nebraska. Cline was an alumnus of Iowa State College.

This mystery photo has recently been identified by Becky Jordan, Library Assistant in Special Collections Department at Parks Library.  Local antique car collector, Grant Quam, had previously determined that the vehicle pictured was of about 1908 vintage.  Using this date and the J.D. Cline, DVM on the store front window as clues, Ms. Jordan searched old alumni records and discovered that a Jesse Dean Cline had graduated from Iowa State College with a degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1910.  Consulting old ISU yearbooks, she found that Dr. Cline had participated in track, glee club, and literary society while on campus.  Further research showed that Cline practiced veterinary medicine in York, Nebraska (note the word York on the door) from 1910 to 1912, returned to Ames as an extension lecturer for a year, then practiced in Clarion from 1913 to 1918, when he switched to real estate.

David Weiss, a former Ames resident now living in Hubbard, identified the car as a Reo.  He added that it can be dated as 1906, the last year that wood-spoked wheels were used by this company.  Thanks are also extended to Carol Cummings for her research of Iowa-based Cline families.

Do you know the identity of these St. Cecilia students with their rod puppets. These photos are from November of 1951.

Thanks to John Hagge and Bill McGowan for their response to our request for names of these St. Cecilia students.

Above photo, from left: Barb Wilcox, ???, Jean Hensing,
either Jacque Porrier or Danny Wazniak, Joann Mackelbust, ???, ???

This 1964 or 1965 photo of a second grade class at Whittier School
was supplied by former teacher Anita Beal, known then as Anita Moyer.

Can you help identify these students?

Mike Nostwich forwarded the following comments from his Facebook posting:

Peggy Byriel Wierson: I was so excited to see this picture - Its my second grade class ( so its really class of 76 )
Row 1 : Cherly Sorenson, Renee Barnhouse Kaysier, Paula Sharp, Denise Dennis-Van Marrel. Peggy Byrie-Wierson, ?, ? , Dave Grindeland, Phil Engan
R...ow 2: Sandy Morrison, Rhonda Nielson, (? Cindy William ), Deana Slater, Patty Meyers, Ricky Doizer, ? , ? , Chuck Harmison
Row 3: Rodger Sydnes, Sarah Mason, ? , David Cole, Miss Moyer, ? , Dennis Sweeney, (? Dennis Poffenburger), ? ,Todd Flemmer

Sarah Mason: I can add only a few things. In the first row next to Peggy is a boy whose last name I remember being Rodriguez. In the middle row, the boy next to Ricky Dozier was from Austrailia. I don't remember his name, but perhaps this will trigger someone else's memory. Also in the middle row is Cindy Williams (I believe she had an s on the end of her last name.) As far as I know, Peggy seems to have correctly identified everyone else.

Kevin Cook: Row 1, 3rd from the right is my brother-in-law Bruce Thomas. He is wearing the checkered shirt. He only went to Ames Schools until 3rd grade then moved to Gilbert. I am forwarding the picture to him and he may be able to name a few more.

We need more names and a year for this St. Cecilia First Communion photo.

Back row: ???, Mike Klein, ???
Fifth row:
Fourth row: perhaps Gorman at right
Third row: ???, ???, ???, ???, Charles Judge, Robert Schumer, ???
Second row:
Front row from left: Phyllis Lange, ???, ???, John Highbarger, Mark Terrones, Mary Susan Lee

Do you know the Scouts and Explorers in this photo from 1955?
Mayor Lawlor and the Scouts appear to be in the court room of the old municipal building.

Louise Thompson -- I can identify several of the Scouts from 1955.  First row - Louis Thompson is the last on the right.  Second row - I think that's Dick DeVaul behind the mayor's hand - Ed Hansen, Terry Adams, (?), Dick Boast, Dwayne Catron, Steve Henderson?, Bill Brindley.  Third row - Karsten Smedal, ???, ???, ???, Earl Holtz, ???, Gary ?, Jim Johndreau, Bob Stebbins, Jan Severson, Dick Ramsey, ???.  Fourth row - ???, Joe Anderson, Larry Jones, ???, Dave Erickson, ???, John Murray, Dave Henderson.  These guys would have been AHS classes of 56, 57, 58, and 59.

This group posed in front of the fieldhouse in 1954 includes Curly McNabb (left), Ted Holmberg (also holding the flag), and Harvey Taylor (facing camera just right of center). The scouts who participated in the ceremony were (behind the flag, left to right): Leon Wardle, Louis Thompson, Kent Schach, and Karsten Smedal.

Who are the others?

Can you supply any information about this image from a postcard printed by Gerbracht, supplied by Dick and Sue Erickson?

One person is identified as John Houge, but there is no indication which member of this railroad work crew is John.   John Houge (1854-1937) came to Union Township from Illinois, married Olina (Olena, Oleva) Hettisater in 1884, and settled in Palestine Township.

Chris Murray says, The help identify: John Houge in the Gerbracht postcard picture, he is the 3rd man from the right, the older gentleman.  I did some checking and that is the correct one.  I have also talked with Sue Erickson about it.  The picture was probably taken in the 1920's, by his age.  He worked on a section gang on the railroad on the 1920 census and was 60 years old living in Ames.  The 1930 census his occupation was a check mark in the column for "laborer undocumented" in Ames, age 70 years.

This 1952 image of Girl Scouts at Day Camp has the girls numbered for identification purposes.
View the page where an enlarged version is available.

Who is Eddie Allen?
Who is in his radio orchestra?
Why does this WOI-related postcard show an address of Fifth and Douglas?

This image from the Tribune Photographic Archive was not published.
The setting appears to be Crawford School playground.  The image is believed to be from May of 1951.