Trains across the Continent

With this new edition of Trains across the Continent, Rudolph Daniels adds to the wonderful usefulness of the first edition by bringing us up to date on the recent developments in North American railroading. He turns a discerning historian's eye to previously unexplored topics such as the problematic freight breakdown in the merger of the Union Pacific and the Southern Pacific, and he explores such contemporary issues as the implications of NAFTA for the North American railroads, the breakup of Conrail, and the electrification of the Northeast corridor. At a time of ferment in the railroad industry, Daniels continues to provide students with his keen insight and a delineation of the essential features of railroading. Updated maps, new appendixes, and a greatly expanded bibliography further round out this complete and concise introduction to North American railroads.

By Rudolph Daniels. Published in 2000, Indiana University Press. Paperback, 257 pages.