Ames in Word and Picture: From Marsh to Modern City

A collection of 55 stories that highlight the Ames community and its people with an emphasis on the first fifty to seventy-five years of the town's life. Written by Farwell T. Brown, a life-long resident of Ames who devoted his retirement years to gathering and assembling the history of the community. Find these stories and more:

- The man who named Ames and why Oakes Ames was an interesting personality
- Controversies, including a lawsuit involving competing editors in the 1880s, and how Iowa State nearly lost most of its women students in 1912 and 1913
- When Ames claimed the only woman train depot master in the nation, and how a former Iowa State student made aviation history
- How the sinking of the Titanic touched Ames
- When the town council established a board of censors, and movie theaters were not permitted in Campustown

Book 1 of 3 in the series. By Farwell T. Brown. Published in 1993. Paperback, 230 pages.