Art Walk

Art Walk

Downtown Ames
Free & open to the public

The annual ArtWalk is a great event that showcases downtown businesses as well as community artists. Discover the work of artists including painters, jewelry makers, photographers, woodworkers, potters, sculptors, musicians, and much more. Join us on the first Friday in June and see creativity in action!

The artist at the Ames History Museum will be Afari Gyan, CEO of BlaqEye arts and design group. Here is a statement from the artist:

"I am a graduate student in College of Design in Iowa State University. I occupy myself fully in drawing, painting and sculpture, and I have unlimited taste in media ranging from oil, pencil, pen and acrylic. Most of my artworks are usually motivated by the simplicity and freedom that is expressed through nature. Nature speaks in so many ways and I tell my stories about life through that. I have a couple of works that I intend to exhibit this year. Two of them include artworks entitled 'The Perfect Imperfection' and 'Temptation.' I also have a semi-abstract work which would be exhibited on the day of the art walk."


Friday, June 7, 2019 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm