Survival Under Atomic Attack

In the event of an Atomic Attack, it is imperative that utility service be reinstituted at th earliest possible moment....Proceed only on the approval of emergency warden.

Following the detonation of an atomic bomb by Russia, Iowa Light and Power supplied customers with this what to do card as a smaller primer to help citizens ready themselves for a possible surprise atomic attack.  It probably was published about the same time as the larger booklet with an identical title (released in 1951) by the Executive Office of the President, the National Security Resources Board and the Civil Defense Office. 

Leap for shelter only if one second away.  Don't try to reach shelter unless you can do it in one second...  Don't look toward the source of increased light. Remain crouched for at least ten seconds...  If it appears that the building will continue to stand, remain inside to avoid hazard from radioactive dust.  Emerge from the building only when there is good reason to do so, or upon approval of emergency warden.  DON'T LOSE YOUR HEAD

This 1951 official United States Civil Defense film, produced by Castle Films in cooperation with the Federal Civil Defense Administration, was narrated by Edward R. Murrow.