Pleasant Grove Church

Pleasant Grove Community Church is a non-denominational church located in Milford Township of Story County, northeast of Ames.  Church services were held as early as 1855 in the little red brick schoolhouse, no longer standing, east of the churchyard.

It was decided that a church building should be constructed, and fifty community families agreed to take on the task.  The list of founding families includes many well-known Story County pioneer names: Sowers, Soper, Arrasmith, Hughes, Kooser, Kegley, Randau and others.

The land for the church building site had been deeded by T. R. Hughes and his wife Eleanor to the trustees of the church for $25.00.  The deed was recorded in December of 1877.  The site chosen for the church was outstanding for the natural beauty of the surrounding woods.   Pleasant Grove Cemetery is located directly adjacent to the church.  Learn more history at the Pleasant Grove Church website.

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This work crew is taking a break from painting the wainscoting and reshingling the roof of the Pleasant Grove Church on September 26, 1940.

Back row standing: William McCoy, George Roberts, Rhiner Honderd, Casper Thompson, Martin A. Johnson, Charles Hughes, Guy Hughes Kenneth Hughes, Jeffry Jacobson, Rexford Hughes, Cleopha (Mrs. Silas) Thompson, Madge (Mrs. Martin A.) Johnson, Lena (Mrs. Balus) Howland, Harold Matters, Jay Wilson, Delbert Johns.
Second row: Abner Nash, Cyrus Bakka, Clint Sheffield, George R. Sowers, Bella (Mrs. Bert) Arnenson, Ethel (Mrs. Martin) Jacobs, Bertha (Mrs. John A.) Johnson.
Front row: Balus Howland, Joe Frank Shearer, Richard McNew, Grant Whitaker, Jack Vincent, Mrs. Lookingbill, Fred Walston, Rev. C.E. Lookingbill, Glady (Mrs. Donald) Starbuck, Helen (Mrs. Charles) Starbuck, Elizabeth (Mrs. Hokan) Horness, Dorothy (Mrs. Vere) Bielefeldt, Mrs. Jay Wilson, Rora (Mrs. Frank) Doolittle, Ida (Mrs. Rhiner) Honderd, Martha (Mrs. George R.) Sowers, Minnie (Mrs. Charles) Hughes, George Rassmusson (Nevada bricklayer).
Children: Norman (Rex) Hughes, Donald (Vere) Bielefeldt, and Norman Honderd (Rhiner).