Place Names of Story County

Place Names of Story County
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Agricultural College P.O.
-- For Iowa Agricultural College and Model Farm (now Iowa State University)
P.O.  12 September 1889 to 31 May 1895.  Washington Tp. [IPHS,

Ames -- For Oakes Ames
(1804-1873), of Massachusetts, manufacturer, financier, and United States
Representative. Named by John I. Blair, of the Cedar Rapids and Missouri
River Rail Road and Iowa Land Company, to immortalize his friend. 
Cynthia O. Duff, who helped Blair acquire the land for the railway, suggested
the name Onondaga [q.v.].  Blair, as a courtesy to Duff, named the
main street in the newly platted town Onondaga Street (changed to Main
Street circa 1910).  Duff Street (now Avenue) was named in her honor,
and Kellogg Street (now Avenue) was Duff's maiden name.  Platted 17
December 1864.  P.O. 15 January 1866 to present (formerly College
Farm). Washington and Franklin Tps. [ACH:39, Goodspeed:210, IPHS. Stennett]

Ames Station -- Synonymous
with Ames [q.v.], because of railroad depot.  Washington Tp. [ISG:350]

Ashurst -- Name combining
the name of railroad official, Ash, with that of a landowner, Charles Hurst. 
Railroad name for Zearing [q.v.].  Also as "Ashhurst." Lincoln Tp. 
[Allen1:169  (as "Ashhurst"), Mills (as "Ashhurst"), Mott5]

Ballard Grove -- For brothers
Daniel W. and Mormon Ballard, perhaps the first settlers in Story Co.,
on 8 March 1848. (Goodspeed indicates a p.o., which Dilts confirms.) Also
as "Ballard's Grove." Palestine Tp. [Allen1:38,  Dilts (as "Bullard's
Grove") from Huxley p.m., Goodspeed:103,126]

Bloomington -- For Bloomington,
Illinois, by settlers from McLean Co.  Probably a descriptive name
("blooming town").  Laid out in 1857 in NW quarter of SE quarter of
§ 25.  P.O. called Camden [q.v.], because there was another p.o.
called Bloomington in Polk Co. (1856-1864).  Franklin Tp. [Goodspeed:132,
Harder:52, Mott5]

Boardman (1) -- For H.
E. J. Boardman, of Marshalltown. Located in S half of NW quarter of §
27.  P.O. 21 March 1878 to 2 April 1883.  Railroad station on
the Chicago and North Western Railroad.  See also McCallsburg. 
Lafayette Tp. [IPHS, Mott5, Ramsey]

Boardman (2) -- See McCallsburg. 
Warren Tp.

Bowman's Crossing -- Uncertain.
Original name for Zumwalt station [q.v.].  Washington Tp.

Cambridge -- For Cambridge,
Cambridgeshire, England, by Josiah Chandler.  A. W. G. Cambridge,
who allegedly lived in the area, may have been involved in the naming process.
If the town had been christened like its namesake, for a bridge over a
river, it might have been called chicauqua (or Skunk) Bridge.  Cam
is Cornish and Welsh, meaning crooked.  Laid out in 1856. 
P.O.  1 April 1856 to present.  Union Tp.  [Allen2:51-52,
Goodspeed:206-207, IPHS]

Camden P.O. -- uncertain. 
Possibly for one of many places of the same name found in at least ten
other states, many of which were named for Sir Charles Pratt, 1st Earl
of Camden (1714-1744), English statesman and jurist.  P.O. 19 June
1858 to 15 July 1867.  See also Bloomington.  Franklin Tp. [Harder:77,
IPHS, Mott5, Ramsey]

Colbyville -- For Ole
A. Colby, postmaster.  Located in NW quarter of NW quarter of §
26.  P.O. 16 May 1871 to 12 April 1875.  Palestine Tp. [Colton1,
Mott5, Ramsey]

College Farm -- For Iowa
Agricultural College and Model Farm (now Iowa State University). 
P.O. 23 April 1862 to 15 January 1866 (changed to Ames), and located at
Farm House (built in 1860).  Washington Tp. [ACH:39, Colton1, Goodspeed:214,
1PHS, Mott5, Ramsey]

Collegeton -- For Iowa
Agricultural College and Model Farm (now Iowa State University) --"college
town."  Laid out in 1863, in NW quarter of NE quarter of § 9,
south of lAC, in hopes of attracting railway station, which went to Ames. 
Town never developed.  Washington Tp. [Allen1:235, Mott5]

Collins -- For Collins
Tp. [q.v.].  Laid out by Milwaukee Land Company in 1882.  P.O.
9 December 1881 to present (formerly Collins Centre).  Collins Tp. 
[Goodspeed:217, lPHS, SC]

Collins Centre (or Center) P.O.
-- For its location in center of Collins Township [q.v.].  P.O. 20
January 1879 to 9 December 1881 (changed to Collins).  Collins Tp. 
[Goodspeed:217, IPHS, Mott5, Ramsey]

Colo -- Allegedly named
by John I. B1air [cf. Ames] either (1) from a child's pronunciation of
Carlo, the name of a favorite dog belonging to owner of land on which station
was located; or (2) for Blair's pet dog, Colo, crushed by a construction
train at this spot. Colton's map, however, shows Colo in 1862, preceding
Blair's arrival.  First railway station in Story County.  Laid
out in 1865.  P.O. 18 May 1864 to present.  New Albany Tp. [Colton1,
DMR, Goodspeed:214 (2), IPHS, Stennett (1)]

Cushman -- uncertain. 
Probably for Cushman-Wilson Oil Co. (Des Moines), which operated in Midvale
[q.v.]. No doubt the map-maker mistook a Cushman sign for the town's name. 
Shown just east of Midvale's proper location.  Palestine Tp. [Premier]

Dayton -- Uncertain. 
Possibly for Dayton, Ohio, which was named for Jonathan Dayton (1760-1824),
soldier and statesman, and one of original proprietors of lands in Ohio
territorial area.  Laid out in 1854, in NW quarter of § 9, but
little improvement was made there.  Cf. Dayton Tp.   Indian
Creek Tp. [Allen1:276, Harder:137, Mott5]

Defiance -- Allegedly
as a challenge to any competition, by Anderson Deters, founder.  Laid
out in 1856, in N half of § 36.  Collins Tp. [Chapman, Goodspeed:111,

Des Moines Junction --
Railroad designation.  Originally the junction, in center of §
11, where Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Railway met Newton &
North Western Railway, and turned S to Des Moines.  Fort Dodge line
completed in fall 1906, and later ran parallel to Route 69.  Station
and hamlet later called Midvale [q.v.].  See also Cushman. Palestine
Tp.  [CERA:100, Kenyon:38, Midland,35]

Elwell -- Uncertain. 
Laid out in 1882 by Robert Richardson, but not recorded until December
1886.  Located in SE quarter of SE quarter of § 25.  P.O.
23 March 1882 to 15 July 1909; reestablished 18 August 1915 to 30 
September 1920.  See also Griffithville.  Union Tp.  [Goodspeed:224,
IPHS, Ramsey, SC]

Fairview -- Descriptive
name, probably for the beautiful, unobstructed view of its location. Laid
out in 1855 in SW quarter of SE quarter of § 12.  P.O. called
Story City; town later merged with town of Story City [q.v.].  Lafayette
Tp.  [Allen1:189, Goodspeed:202, Mott5, SC]

Fernald -- Uncertain. 
Located in SE quarter of NE quarter of § 22.  Laid out in 1902
by the Des Moines, Iowa Falls & Northern Land and Town Lot Company. 
P.O. 28 February 1903 to 31 May 1955.  Richland Tp. [IPHS, Ramsey,

Gilbert -- Shortened from
Gilbert Station [q.v.].  Laid out in 1879.  P.O. 23 October 1913
to present (formerly Gilbert Station).  Franklin Tp.  [IPHS]

Gilbert Station -- Either
(1) for and by George Gilbert, original owner of townsite; or (2) for first
postmaster, Hezekiah Gilbert.  Town laid out in 1879, as Gilbert [q.v.]. 
P.O. 3 April 1878 to 23 October 1913 (changed to Gilbert).  Franklin
Tp.  [Goodspeed:226 (2), IPHS, Ramsey, Stennett:77 (1)]

Gookin -- See McCallsburg. 
Warren Tp. 

Goshen -- (goe'shuhn) 
Biblical name (cf. Genesis 47:27, and Joshua 10:41, 11:16, 15:51). 
In Genesis, usually interpreted as "land of plenty or abundance." 
Located in NE quarter of § 21.  P.O. 28 September 1854 to 31
August 1858 (changed to Iowa Centre).  Indian Creek Tp.  [Allen1:275,
Goodspeed:205, Harder:203, IPHS, IDB2:442, Mott5, Ramsey]

Griffithville -- For J.
M. Griffith, who owned land west of township road (near Elwell), upon which
this plat was made after the railway arrived.  See also Elwell. 
Union Tp. [Goodspeed:224]

Hubbell -- For Frederick
M. Hubbell, who, with Jefferson S. Polk, was responsible for building the
narrow gage railroad between Des Moines and Ames.  Early name for
Kelley [q.v.].  Washington Tp.  [Brigham:20-24, Stennett:89]

Huxley -- Allegedly named
by S. S. Merrill. surveyor and president of the Milwaukee Land Company,
for his uncle, Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895), noted British biologist
and writer.  Formerly Ballard Grove [q.v.].  Laid out in 1882. 
P.O. 1 June 1882 to present.  Palestine Tp.  [Allen1:251, Dilts
from Huxley p.m., Goodspeed:220, Huxonian:12. IPHS, SC]

Iowa Center -- For its
location at the approximate geographic center of the state (State Center,
in Marshall Co., has the same origin).  Once had aspirations for state
capital.  Laid out in 1855, in NE quarter of SE quarter of §
9 and NW quarter of SW quarter of § 10.  P.O. "Iowa Centre" 31
August 1858 to 15 August 1913 (formerly Goshen).  Spelling changed
to "Iowa Center" 29 May 1893.  Indian Creek Tp.  [Goodspeed:204-205,
IPHS, Mott5, Ramsey]

Jenks -- For a Mr. Jenks,
proprietor of townsite.  Name proposed for Slater [q.v.].  Palestine
Tp.  [Madrid]

Johnson's Grove -- For
a grove of trees, named for a Mr. Johnson, who settled there in Summer
of 1853.  Located in NE quarter of § 14 and/or in § 26. 
Seemingly confused with Johnston Grove [q.v.].  P.O. 25 September
1877 to 11 June 1880.  Also as "Johnsons Grove" and "Johnson Grove." 
Richland Tp.

 [A11en1:201, 388 (also as "Johnson Grove"),
Cram (as "Johnsons Grove"), Goodspeed: 126, IPHS, Mott5, Ramsey]

Johnston Grove -- Uncertain. 
Located, on older maps, early in § 22 of Milford Tp., and later in
§ 26 of Richland Tp. Seemingly confused with Johnson's Grove [q.v.]. 
P.O. 29 February 1860 to 28 March 1864.  Also as "Johnstons Grove." 
Milford and/or Richland Tps.  [Colton2 (as "Johnstons Grove"), Cram
(as "Johnstons Grove"). IPHS, ISG:350, Johnson, Ramsey]

Kelley -- For J. T. Kelly
(note spelling), original owner of townsite.  Current spelling devised
by Post Office Department.  Called Hubbell [q.v.] for a time, until
station established.  Laid out in 1875.  P.O. 8 June 1875 to
present.  Washington and Palestine Tps. [Goodspeed:217, IPHS, Stennett:89]