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Smithfield (or Smithville) -- For James C. Smith, an early settler, who had a mill on Long Dick Creek.  Laid out in 1854, north of mill, in central part of § 18.  Howard Tp. [Allen1:54,65 (as "Smithfield"), Goodspeed:107,114,125-126 (as "Smithville") and 191 (as "Smithfield"), Mott5, Payne:49 (as "Smithville")]

Story [1] -- For the county [q.v.].  Located at or near Sunset [q.v.], east of Zearing.  P.O. 23 September 1877 to 20 March 1878 (changed to Sunset).  Lincoln Tp. [IPHS, Mott5, Ramsey]

Story [2] -- Railroad name for Story City [q.v.].  "City" added in 1907. [SCH:5, Stennett:127]

Story City -- For the county [q.v.]. The original town of Fairview [q.v.] was laid out in 1855, whereas Story City was laid out in 1878.  However, the Fairview p.o. was named Story City in 1856, because there was another p.o. called Fairview in Jones Co. (1843-1904).  When Story City was platted, Fairview's businesses moved over to be closer to the railroad coming through the new town, and, in 1881, the two towns were incorporated as one.  Cf. Story [2] and Turtle Creek.  P.O. 29 November 1856 to present.  Lafatyette Tp.  [Colton1, Goodspeed:202-204, IPHS, Stennett:127]

Summit -- Descriptive name, perhaps in remembrance of an older town.  Located in SE quarter of § 21.  P.O. 23 June 1894 to 15 August 1901.  Lafayette Tp.  [Harder:530, IPHS, Mott5, Ramsey]

Sunset -- Descriptive name.  Located in SE quarter of § 17.  P.O. 20 March 1878 to 19 January 1881 (formerly Story).  Lincoln Tp.  [Cram, Harder:531, IPHS, Mott5, Ramsey]

Turtle Creek -- Uncertain.  Nickname for Story City [q.v.].  Lafayette Tp.  [Stennett,149]

Willow Grove P.O. -- Descriptive name for a grove of willow trees.  Located in SE quarter of § 26.  P.O. 6 February 1871 to 21 April 1879.  Lafayette Tp.  [Andreas:81, IPHS, Mott5, Ramsey]

Zearing -- For William Mitchell Zearing (1824-1899), of Chicago, jurist.  Allegedly, a sewing machine salesman told the pioneers that if they would name the town for his brother, Judge Zearing of Chicago, he was certain that the judge would give the town a gift. (The Zearing family actually owned land in the township, although no one named Zearing ever lived there.)  Zearing gave the Union Church (later the Bethel Evangelical Church) a bell in November 1883, which was ruined in a fire in February 1902.  Laid out in October 1881, on the Edward G. Richardson farm, although the railroad had wanted to build a station on the Charles Hurst farm. The railroad named the station Ashurst [q.v.].  The name Ashurst was on the depot for a period of time after the town was officially named Zearing.  P.O. 20 December 1881 to present (formerly Illinois Grove in Marshall Co.).  Lincoln Tp.  [Allen1:169, Fee1, Fee2, Goodspeed:218, Grimm, IPHS]

Zumwalt Station -- For Daniel Zumwalt, Land Owner.  Once a depot on Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Southern Railway.  Originally known as Bowman's Crossing [q.v.]. Built in late 1920s, and used by College of Agriculture.  Purchased by Ames in 1967; now in Railroad Park in southwest Ames.  Washington Tp.  [ADT]

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