Northwood School

Northwood Elementary School was once Walter Grove's farm site.  Mr. Grove gave part of the farm to the city of Ames for a park which is named after his wife, Inis Grove.  The Grove farm buildings were located where the Northwood School building is now, with the access from Highway 69 (Grand Avenue).

James Speck was born in the house that was located on the Northwood School Building site.  James Speck inherited the farm from Walter Grove because Mr. Speck's father had worked for Walter Grove for 55 years.    Mr. Speck believes the trees that are south of the school were located just south of the house.  Several other farm buildings were also on the property; a barn, silos, hog house, corn crib, and cattle barn.  James Speck lived in the farm house until he was 8 years old at which time he moved with his family to a farm house that was were the Furman Corporation (formerly Hunziker and Furman offices) is now in the North Grand parking lot just off 24th Street.  Later, after he married, Mr. Speck moved back into the house where Northwood is located, and continued to live there for 5 or 6 years.