Mono Clan - Ames Social Club for Young Businessmen

This Ames social club for young businessmen was formed in December 1906 by four young unmarried men.  The name was an acronym for Mysterious Order of Night Owls, derived from their late night meetings which often carried over into the early hours of the morning. Meetings were first held in Smith’s Hall above Emerhoff’s Shoes, and by the 1930s were moved to the second floor of the Tribune Building.  Members were recruited from businesses and the professions.  Facilities provided were pool tables, card tables and a shuffle board.  Soda pop and candy bars were also available on the honor system.  Picnics and holiday parties were organized to include families.

During World War II, the club’s facilities were turned over to the USO for the recreation of Navy personnel being trained at Iowa State College.  Some financial support for the USO was also provided.  After the war the club became rather inactive, gathering mainly for reunions at a dinner party.  Many former members joined the Elks Club because liquor was not prohibited there as it was in the Mono Clan.  Financial reserves of $10,000 were turned over to the city of Ames for the centennial celebration in 1964.  The club was dissolved in 1975.

The Ames Historical Society collection contains articles of incorporation, bylaws, constitution, a short history, and two artifacts (a hammered copper emblem, and a gold pin).  Ledgers of dues paid by members, 1917-1943, predominate.