Mayors of Ames: Thomas Thompson

Lifespan:              1846-1925

Term as Mayor:    1899-1902

Profession:            Construction superintendent and builder; real estate developer; owner of an implement and hardware business

Interesting Facts:

  • Took a leading role in city improvements
  • Known as "friend of the poor"
  • As City Councilman in 1894, instigated a newsworthy fistfight with Mayor Henry Wilson in front of the Union National Bank over cleaning up the open sewer on Kellogg south of the C&NW tracks
  • New C&NW depot built in 1900, which greatly facilitated passenger traffic into and out of Ames
  • New ordinances mandated that bicycles have lights and that bicyclists riding on sidewalks must dismount when meeting or passing a footman on the sidewalk