Mayors of Ames: Lucien Cooper Tilden

Lifespan:              1868-1953

Term as Mayor:    1897-1898

Profession:            Partner in Tilden Brothers & Company, later the Tilden Store Company; co-founder of the Tilden Manufacturing Company

Interesting Facts:

  • Son of Mayor George Tilden and brother of Mayor Galen Tilden
  • Known for his civic-mindedness and engagement in the business,  social and political life of the community
  • Served on the Board of Deacons for the First Congregational Church, Hospital Board, Library Board, Ames School Board, as City Councilman and postmaster of Ames
  • Member of Knight Templar of the Masonic Order
  • Charter Member of Ames Rotary Club and Ames Golf and Country Club