Mayors of Ames: Henry Wilson

Lifespan:              1841-1915

Profession:            Wilson & Hayden (grain businesses)
                             Publisher of Ames Intelligencer (1890-1894)
                             Cashier of the Union National Bank of Ames

First Term as Mayor:    1881-1883

Interesting Facts:

  • Member of City Council and School Board
  • Served as Clerk of Court before his second term as Ames Mayor

Second Term as Mayor:    1894-1896

Interesting Facts:

  • Promoted efforts to electrify the city
  • Involved in newsworthy fistfight in 1894 with Councilman Thomas Thompson (Mayor 1899 to 1902) in front of the Union National Bank over cleaning up the open sewer on Kellogg south of the C&NW tracks
  • Led the City during economic hard times in 1894, following the Panic of 1893, the worst economic downturn in American history before the Great Depression