Mayors of Ames: Galen Tilden

Lifespan:              1874-1958

Term as Mayor:    1908-1910

Profession:            Partner in Tilden Brothers & Company, later the Tilden Store Company; co-founder, later president, of the Tilden Manufacturing Company; reorganizer and president of the Union National Bank

Interesting Facts:

  • First native of Ames to become Mayor
  • Son of Ames Mayor George Tilden and brother of Mayor Lucien Tilden
  • Served as President of Ames Chamber of Commerce and Story County Alumni Association of Iowa State College
  • A resolution to sell the municipal light plant to a private company failed
  • Ames Post Office exceeded $100,000 in receipts and was on its way to becoming a First Class office
  • Ames Intelligencer office installed the first wireless telegraph station in Iowa