Lincoln Highway: Squaw Creek Bridges

1885 view of the Squaw Creek crossing. (Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive)

This early 1890s photo shows the plank bridge which existed over Squaw Creek until the first concrete bridge was built there in 1908. (Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive)

1908 photo of the new bridge (Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive)

This 1909 photo show Herman Knapp, treasurer and one-time acting president of Iowa State College, and his family are shown crossing the Squaw Creek Bridge west towards campus in their buggy. (Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive)

Squaw Creek Bridge

Bridge over Squaw Creek during high waters of 1909 (Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive)

Flood Damage

The Squaw Creek bridge on Lincoln Way collapsed following the flood of June 3, 1918.  New in 1908, the bridge had been subjected to flooding at least one other time.  The Goddard family of Ames was on the bridge when it collapsed and their car was badly damaged.  Fortunately, the flood waters had receded.  The occupants of the car were not injured and were rescued with ropes and ladders.  It was 1921 before a new bridge was in place at this location. (Iowa Dept. of Transportation)

(Iowa Dept. of Transportation)

New Steel Bridge

New 1921 steel bridge (Iowa Dept. of Transportation)

The replacement bridge was a joint project of the City of Ames and Story County, and was financed by a bond issue in March of 1920 following much debate.