Lincoln Highway: Grounds Cottage

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Built in 1882, the Grounds Cottage (also known as Sexton Cottage, Old Horticultural Cottage, or Gardener's Cottage) was a tenant house first for Jerry Sexton, the gardener and custodian of the greenhouse.  It was constructed where Gilman Hall addition now stands.  In 1905, the house was moved to the site pictured, west of Marston Cottage (which can barely be seen in the background the left of the house in the photo above).  It continued to be occupied by Ben Edwards, the superintendent of buildings and grounds until 1910, after which in was used by various grounds department employees until it was moved again in 1924 (to south of the physical plant).  It was razed in 1970.

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This 1918 photo looks east towards campus from North Lincoln Way where Clyde Williams Stadium would later be built.  Towards the left can be seen Beardshear Hall, Alumni Hall, and the Campanile.