Lincoln Highway: Edwards Coal Company

Edwards Coal Office

Circa 1912

Edwards Coal and Ice office was located on the south side of Lincoln Way just west of the Lynn Avenue intersection just east of the present day Campus Book Store.  The Fort Dodge, Des Moines and Southern Railroad tracks are visible behind the building.  The July 16, 1912 issue of the Ames Daily Intelligencer announced The Edwards and Champlin Coal Co. is just completing a new office building south of the college on Boone Street.  The old office has been moved to the rear and elevated. The scales have been re-located and all modern conveniences installed.  When completed it will be one of the finest offices in town.

This ad appeared in the March 14, 1910 issue of the ISC Student.
Note that Lincoln Way was then known as Boone Street.

Both the Edwards Coal office building and storage facility can be seen in the distance in the center of this photo which looks southwest from a point directly south of the Iowa State College Campanile.  Union Drive and the Sanitary Building are seen in the foreground.  The grove of trees on the left were later replaced by the Memorial Union.

This Sanborn Insurance map shows the location of Edwards Coal Company office at 2312 West Lincoln Way.  This map does not show the Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Railroad track which crossed Lynn Avenue and separated the Edwards Coal office from the storage facility.

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1957 photo taken from Lincoln Way looks south past the Flying Saucer Grill towards the Edwards Coal elevated storage building.

This aerial photo taken five years later (1962) shows the elevated storage building has been demolished.

Calendar distributed by Edwards Coal Company