Lincoln Highway: Beach Avenue Intersection

This is a 1915 view of Lincoln Way approaching campus from near the Beach Avenue intersection.  Lincoln Way and Stafford Cottages are on the right where dormitories stand today, and houses line the street on the left where fraternity houses are today. (Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive)

This 1916 photo looks east from near Beach Avenue.   Lincoln Way, a two-lane gravel road, is visible in the distance, marked by the electric poles.  The trees in the distance mark Squaw Creek, and the clump of trees on the right mark the Beach Avenue corner (Wallace Road did not yet exist).  Portable pig shelters are seen north of the trees where today Maple, Willow, and Larch dormitories stand.  Taken on September 17, this photo shows Win Tilden, head of the ISC Women's Physical Education program, third from the left.  The photo was taken by F. E. Colburn, official ISC photographer. (University Archives, Iowa State University)