Lincoln Highway: Ash Avenue Intersection

This 1909 photo looks west along Boone Street (after 1914 called Lincoln Way) towards the Lynn Avenue crossing from a viewpoint close to where Ash Avenue would later intersect.  Swamp Street (to the left, now Lynn Avenue) and the crossing of interurban track are visible.  The high area of brush and trees would later see the Memorial Union.  A little creek coming from the trestle is College Creek.  The house on the left at top of the hill is where First National Bank now stands. (Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive)

This 1914 photo shows a similar viewpoint west along Lincoln Way.  In 1927 the Iowa State College Memorial Union would be constructed on the right side of this picture and the Memorial Lutheran Church would be constructed on the corner to the left in this photo, where the large house is shown. (Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive)

This 1918 photo shows a road maintenance worker grading Lincoln Way between Ash and Lynn Avenue.  The Gamma Phi Sorority house is seen on the left.  Lincoln Way was paved in 1921. (Iowa Dept. of Transportation)

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In this 1935 photo facing east at the Ash Street intersection, a Highway 30 sign and a Lincoln Highway concrete marker are visible. (Iowa Dept. of Transportation)