Crawford School

Louise Crawford School was constructed in 1930, and the first year of operation saw an enrollment of 108 students and a staff of five.  Mrs. Elsie Hayes Anderson was principal and also taught fourth grade.  Mildred Myers taught third grade, Irene Lassen second grade, Adella Grobee first grade, and Verna Losee taught the first kindergarten class.

The building had five roms and cost $40,000 to construct.  It was to serve an area bounded by Lincoln Way, Sheldon Avenue, Beach Avenue, and Storm Street.  The campus of Iowa State College was also included in the district.  The school had ample playground space which was bounded on the east by Stanton Avenue and on the west by the Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Railroad tracks.

Dedication of the school building was held early in the Fall of 1930.  Mr. F.H. Mann, who was at that time president of the school board, gave the address and made the formal presentation of the building to the students.  The newly formed Crawford PTA, under the presidency of Mrs. E.W. Lindstrom, announced plans for the acquisition of a piano and a radio for the new school.

Miss Abbie Sawyer became principal of Louise Crawford School in September of 1932, and served in that capacity for the next 20 years.  Under her guidance the academic program flourished and its extra curricular activities ranged in scope from a maypole ceremony to a "Pet and Hobby Show" and circus.  Kathleen Kildee was the first Crawford May Queen, and the first Pet and Hobby Show had over 80 entries, including owls, dogs, and dolls.

One of the more enduring traditions of the 1930s at Crawford was the Christmas Carol Program.  The program began as carol singing by all the grades, assembled in the kindergarten room.  As audiences grew larger, the programs were presented in various locations, including the steps of Crawford School, the Episcopal Church, Collegiate Methodist Church, and Welch School.  In 1952, the annual program was presented in the new Edwards Elementary School, and it included a Christmas play in honor of Miss Abbie Sawyer, who had retired in June of 1951.


1945 Fire Prevention Week photo taken in front of the modern 1941 white truck

Back row standing on truck from left – Grade 4

Amy Ann Stuart, Jack Moore, Carol Ganung, Jan Bridgeman, Susan Olson, Jill Anderson, Ralph Wendell, Patty Nagle, Jack Anderson, Roger Searls, Mary J. Peterson, Dawn Henry, Jamie Jameson, Carol Wilcke, Roberta Heise, Kathleen Thomas, Lucy Marston, William Underkofler, David Slaughter, Hector Edwards. Jo Ann Kirk, Dick Finegan, Joe Carr, Jean Scoltock, Jane Huntley, Patricia Conn.

Fourth row standing – Grade 3

Ronald Wardle, John Bridgeman, Barbara Ryder, William Becker, Sheila Grant, Maryn Searls, Marcia Malander, Mary Dixon, Nancy Walker, Carolyn Sands, Janet Carey, Lennadore Schilleter, Jim Obrecht, James Larson, Robert Walkup, Bill Fobes, Carroll Scott, Beverly Morford, Marcia Kay Wilsie, Karen Carr, Nancy Chivers, Patricia Shrode, Sandra Hove, Peter Errington, Garry Malone, Robert Bragonier, Ruth H. Anderson, Brian Barron, Janice Sherman.

Third row standing – Grade 2

Eleanor Keffer (Grade 3), Gail Walker, Jack Allen, Bobby Hudson, Mary Jo McDowell, Jo Ann Schrampfer, Bobby Abbas, Jim Hixon, Delores Robbins, Mary Platt, Tommy Hinton, John Anderson, Barbara Smith, Eloise Hawk, Barbara Gamble, Roberta Jones, Marvin Martin, Karen Allen, Carol Scoltock, Lee Ann Michalske, Margaret Anderson, Marcia Crane, Terrence Lowe, Linda Lou Clark, Natalie Jean Skow, Carol Stewart, Linda Woody, Anthony Norman, Judy Malone, Gretchen Wilhelm.

Second row kneeling – Grade 1

Dwight Smith, Lon Lewis, Patti Miller, Judy Elmore, Kay Zickefoose, Patty Smith, Margaret Wilcox, Sally Schaefer, Deanna Littell, Debra Coe, Barbara Randall, Merrill Stuart, Beverley Peterson, Verne Jones, Charlotte Biester, Jon Lineweaver, Benny King, Jonnie Bill Boyer, Dick McKean, Jo Ann Geiger (Grade 2), Don Geiger, Lou Spinney, Julie Ann Hegland, Charles Gaskill, Leon Wardle.

First row sitting – kindergarten

Jim Bragonier, Ben Jameson, Jim Johndreau, Mary Arthur, Margaret Barnes, Marlene Heise, Stella Dixon, Faithe King, Janet Pettis, Marsha Carey, Susan Allen, Jim Hainer, Ann Davison, Nancy Starbuck, Ellen Wilson, Diane Houser, Phyllis Veline, David Peterson, Mac Ryder, Larry Jones, Martha Evans, Dennis Porter.