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1898 Directory of Story County, Iowa.  Maxwell Tribune
                 A four-page Ames in Rhyme of Main Street Businesses

1900 Story County Census

1905 Story County Census

1914 Directory of Story County, Iowa. Ames Tribune 

1915 May, Ames Telephone Directory

         November, Ames Telephone Directory

         Fall Semester, Iowa State College Directory, Faculty & Students

1916 Ames Telephone Directory

          Spring Semester, Iowa State College Directory, Faculty & Students

          Fall Semester, Iowa State College Directory, Faculty & Students

1917 April, Ames City Directory

         May, Ames Telephone Directory

         Spring Semester, Iowa State College Directory, Faculty & Students

1919 August, Ames City Directory

1922 January, Ames City Directory

1924 Ames Telephone Directory

1926 Ames Telephone Directory

1927 June, Ames Telephone Directory

         December, Ames Telephone Directory

1928 June, Ames Telephone Directory

         December, Ames Telephone Directory

1929 June, Ames Telephone Directory

1931 June, Ames Telephone Directory

         December, Ames Telephone Directory

1933 December, Ames Telephone Directory

1935 December, Ames Telephone Directory

1936 Ames City Directory

         December, Ames Telephone Directory

1938 December, Ames Telephone Directory

1939 December Ames Telephone Directory

1940 Ames City Directory

1941 November, Ames Telephone Directory

1942 November, Ames Telephone Directory

1943 November, Ames Telephone Directory

1945 Ames City Directory

1946 November, Ames Telephone Directory

1947 November, Ames Telephone Directory

1948 November, Ames Telephone Directory

1949 November, Ames Telephone Directory

1950 November, Ames Telephone Directory

1951 November, Ames Telephone Directory

1954 November, Ames Telephone Directory

         Ames City Directory

1956 Ames City Directory

1957 December, Ames Telephone DIrectory

1958 Deccember,  Ames City Directory

1959 November, Ames Telephone Directory

1962 Ames City Directory

1965 Ames City Directory

1967 Ames City Directory

1968 Ames City Directory

1969 Ames City Directory

1972 Ames City Directory











Turner, C. E.  Centennial history of the town of Ames.  Ames, Iowa : Ames Intelligencer, 1876.
Reprinted as Appendix B in Farwell Brown's 1993 book.
Resources and wealth of Story County, Iowa / compiled by W.C.B. Allen and W.A. Stinchcomb.  Nevada, Iowa : Representative Power Press Print, 1880.  33 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Includes a section on Ames
Available only at AHS.
Allen, William G.  A History of Story County, Iowa.  Des Moines, Iowa : Iowa Printing Co., 1887.   485 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Online version includes sections on Ames
Complete text:
Reprinted by the Iowa Genealogical Society in 1975.
Index published separately by Story County Chapter of the Iowa Genealogical Society, 1973.  68 p. ; 28 cm.
Biographical and historical memoirs of Story County, Iowa, comprising a condensed history of the state, a number of biographies of distinguished citizens of the same, a descriptive history of the county named herein, and numerous selected biographical sketches of the citizens of such county.  Chicago : Goodspeed Pub. Co., 1890.  460 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.
Contains references to Ames and Iowa State College; searchable online.
1911 History of Story County Vol 1, W.O. Payne
         History of Story County Vol 2
Tourist Handbook of Iowa - 1924.  Ames Iowa : Tourist Handbook Handbook Company, 1924.
Includes Ames
1964 History of Ames Municipal Government. Includes sections on Airport, Assessor, Attorney, Band, Cemetery, Civil Service Commission, City Council, City Hall, CIty Manager, Court, Fire Department, Gas Plant, Health Officer, Hospital, Inspection Department, Landfill, Library, Light Plant, Street Lights, Parks, Parking, Planning Commission, Playgrounds & Recreation, Police Department, Sanitarian, Sewage Disposal, Sidewalks, Streets, Swimming Pool, Telephone, Trees, Utility Retirement, Water Plant, Zoning Board, Adult Education, Dogs, Newspaper, Annexation, Census, Bridges, Centennial Script for Historical Spectacle. 
1985 Scheetz, George H.  Place names of Story County.  Ames, Iowa : G. Scheetz, c1985.  [20] p. : map ; 22 cm.  
Story County Iowa Genealogy Homepage; Contains census, cemetery, marriage, death records and much more.
Ames Street Name Changes