Ames' Sister Cities

The modern concept of sister cities was conceived after WWII, and was intended to foster friendship and understanding between different cultures and between former foes as an act of peace and reconciliation, and to encourage trade and tourism. The concept of sister cities is a cooperative agreement between cities to promote cultural and commercial ties. Ames’ first sister city was Laja, Ecuador. In December of 1966 some delegates from Ames visited Laja so that they could report firsthand what they saw and learned. Today, the Ames International Partner Cities Association (AIPCA) works on promoting cultural and educational exchanges between the people of Ames and those of our partner cities. City officials arrange reciprocal visits with our sister cities that have resulted in the exchange of knowledge between businessmen, professional groups, and thousands of school children. Ames presently has two designated Sister Cities, Enzan City, Japan and Frýdek-Místek, Czech Republic.