Ames Iowa Remembers World War II

The Ames Historical Society is in the midst of a major project to record and share the World War II recollections of Ames residents.  Whether you were a child, student, homemaker, blue-collar or white-collar employee, ordnance plant worker, or member of the armed forces, your memories of the World War II era are special and important.  They are part of the story of a time and a community.

America is once again facing a climate of war and the vulnerability of its shores.  Now, more than ever, the stories and memories of people who lived through the Second World War have lessons to teach about patriotism, living through hard times, and working toward peace.  Everyday, we lose valuable firsthand accounts as people who remember that time pass away and take their memories with them.  Help preserve and record these memories by writing or taping the stories and by encouraging others to share their stories.

Rationing on the Homefront

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