Ames High School

The first brick schoolhouse in Ames known as “Central” was built in 1881 on the west side of Clark Street between 5th and 6th.  It housed all grades in the 1880s and 90s after which it became the first Ames High School.

As the student population increased a new Ames High building (#2) was built in 1912 on the east side of Clark.  Later additions were added to the north and south.  When the third high school was built this building, connected by a tunnel under the street, became Central Junior High.  This building was razed in 1981 for a parking lot.

In 1937 the original brick school on the west side of Clark was torn down and replaced by the building that has served as our City Hall (#3) since 1990.  It was funded in part by the Federal Emergency Public Works Administration, a New Deal program.  The third building served as Ames High for 26 years.

The present day Ames High School (#4) was first occupied in 1962.  Located at Ridgewood and 20th Street it had space enough for a large parking lot, athletic fields and a swimming pool which is shared by the city.