1915 Ames City Hall Time Capsule

1915 Time Capsule from Ames City Hall

The 1908 First Methodist Church on the corner of Kellogg Avenue and Sixth Street

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The Christian Church was located on the northeast corner of Burnett Avenue and Fifth Street. The house at the right of the church was replaced by the Daily Tribune building. The dome of the Methodist church on Sixth and Kellogg can be seen in the right background.

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Ames Congregational Church's vested choir, 1915

Dora Maxwell, wife of Ames city clerk A. B. Maxwell, directed this choir. She may be the lady directly behind the music stand wearing the robe without the dark collar.  In the front row starting at right: Ella Mitchell Luithly, Alice Mary Mitchell Thomas, Florence Mitchell Dunlop.  The remainder are as yet unidentified.

Built in 1906, St. Cecilia Catholic Church was then located on the north side of Lincoln Way a block west of the Iowa Highway Commission (later, the Department of Transportation). The church's parish house is seen to the right of the church.

First Congregational Church, on the northeast corner of Sixth Street and Kellogg Avenue, was built in 1901. The parsonage is at the right.

This is the 1912 Ames High School, which was built on the east side of Clark Avenue at Sixth Street. After the new high school was constructed on the west side of the street in 1937, the this east building was used as the junior high school. The building was razed in 1981.

Central School was an elementary school when this photo was included in the time capsule. It later became the town's first junior high school in 1924 and was replaced in 1937 with the new Ames High School building.